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Reproflex 3 – Dubai

R3 UAE: Premium, pre-press solutions for the Middle East and Africa

R3 UAE is a state-of-the-art pre-press organisation located in Dubai, delivering premium results for flexographic packaging print clients in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. We are also the first pre-press operation in the Gulf region to supply the Kodak NX flexographic printing plate solution.

Linked directly with our UK headquarters, R3 UAE provides a full suite of pre-press output specifically to meet the demands of the Middle East, Asian and North African markets.

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Services on site

From Dubai, we provide clients with the following pre-press services:

  • Fingerprinting and press profiling
  • On-line workflow system
  • Reprographics

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Flexographic plate making

R3 UAE operates the Kodak FLEXCEL NX wide flexo plate making system, ideal for mid to wide web printing applications.

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