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Reproflex 3 Technical Innovation Gold Award Winner

Packaging pre-press specialists Reproflex 3 take top honours for Technical Innovation at European Flexographic Industry Awards

Reproflex 3 the packaging pre-press specialists were recognised at the European Flexographic Industry Awards in March for their latest product “Project Blue” which has been developed in conjunction with Sandon Global.

Project Blue is the product of Reproflex 3’s 20 year industry technical knowledge combined with an understanding of what brand owners require for visually striking on-shelf impact in today’s consumer market. Project Blue delivers the very highest print quality, up to 600dpi, ensuring packaging is elevated against rivals in a competitive marketplace.

On the night the judges’ said “Again a number of innovations were considered but the stand-out entry for the judges was Project Blue, a joint collaboration between Reproflex 3 and Sandon Global.  Well worthy of a gold.  Project Blue combines best in class pre-press components.  Retouch, screening, imaging and anilox are pulled together with the latest fixed pallet colour management solutions.  The result is an unprecedented image quality delivered by an ink transfer system capable of producing a near perfect tonal range at definition and detail over 300dpi.”

Reproflex 3 was founded in 1996 by Andrew Hewitson and Trevor Lowes.

Andrew: “At R3 we are challenged with delivering the best imaging quality for our clients every day, this drives us to constantly improve and refine our technology and processes. We are very proud that our latest product has gained such recognition.”

Trevor: “Project Blue is sweeping the industry and being recognised around the world. Our clients are delighted not only with the image quality but also the consistency and the cost reductions. We are currently working with our client base to enable more Project Blue sites throughout our geographical reach.

During the 2017 awards Reproflex 3’s print clients picked up a total of 9 awards utilising the Project Blue technology. A demonstration that Project Blue is a true winner!

Reproflex 3 Ltd, packaging pre-press specialists operate from 3 locations, 2 in the UK and one in Dubai. They have a reputation throughout the flexible packaging industry as innovators in technology and class leading suppliers of the very highest quality in reproducing graphics for use on printed packaging.

Reproflex 3 supply their artwork, repro, plate manufacture and mock-up creation services to many leading packaging printing organisations across the UK, mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa.


For further information please contact info@reproflex3.com


Andrew Hewitson andrew.hewitson@reproflex3.com

Trevor Lowes trevor.lowes@reproflex3.com