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Digital packaging specialists

Delivering the future of digital packaging

In 2010, Reproflex 3 became the first known organisation in Europe to deliver digital watermarking for packaging. Previously the technology had only been used in mainstream media such as posters and magazines, but packaging print poses numerous complexities that our organisation has dedicated substantial investment towards.

We are now internationally recognised as making the biggest advancements in digital watermarking for packaging, integrating this as part of our pre-press workflow and future vision. The opportunities for digital packaging are substantial, and we are proud to be at the forefront of its development.

Strategic partnerships

Such is the confidence in digital watermarking as a digital packaging solution, Reproflex 3 has combined its expertise with original watermark supplier, Digimarc, and media engagement giants, Shazam Entertainment.

Project Blue and Packaging 4.0

Reproflex 3 is already delivering a vision for digital packaging. In 2016, we launched Project Blue, our award winning, patented pre-press innovation that not only delivers the most lifelike design reproduction from flexographic print, but also a new way to accommodate digital watermarking in packaging.

As a result, engaging with packaging digitally using smart phones, scanners and other devices is now faster than ever before. We call this Packaging 4.0 – introducing packaging to ‘the internet of things’.

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